About Us

Habits of the Heart, LLC is a Christian owned and operated company, originally created in 2001. A decision was made to use our God given talents and honed them to a craft we had a passion about and Habits of the Heart was born. Habits of the Heart was an collaboration of several members with like mindsets for the purpose of creating something that would be cherished as opposed to the ordinary. We put our heart and souls into each creation with the intent on fulfilling our desire in relation to the business.

It did not take long for us to realize that we had embarked upon a niche that helps us to stand out in the crowd. With personalization, we are able to take your thoughts and wishes and create something truly beautiful. As always, satisfaction is guaranteed or your money is refunded. We take pride in all products that leaves our store and we believe it reflects the pride we have for our products and the love and respect for the people we serve.

There is no job too big or small for us to produce. We believe, if you give us a chance to create your prized card, you will not be disappointed. Yes, we believe that deeply in what we do. But hold on, we not only create beautiful cards but we also produce stationary for businesses and churches. We also produce business cards, flyers, tithe cards, church bulletins, certificates, invitations, announcements, and other publishing services. In addition to everything mentioned, we service your printing needs. Again, no job too big or small. We accept any challenge, within reason, that comes our way.

So if you have a need, we are the team for you. Please contact us.